Original Wooden Doors
New doors New doors from inside
Safford with recent doors

Safford with new doors

The new bronze thermal doors match the lower replacement windows. They were installed on July 19, 2007.

New tinted thermopane windows are needed to replace the existing 80 year old upper windows. Persons interested in making contributions towards this project may call the school at 217-847-3315.

Projection room window


  Deteriorating Upper Window
  Working on Windows
All contributors, regardless of the amount given, will have their names placed on a plaque in the auditorium.
Temporary Plaque
A permanent plaque with engraved nameplates, made by Robin Carel of Lake Cooper Millworks, will be placed in the auditorium in the near future.
The Safford Group is grateful to the many Hamilton alumni, local businesses, and organizations, The Keokuk Area Community Foundation, and other individuals for their generous support.
Safford Group with Dr. Jim Jackson, Superintendent
Not pictured: Jim & Elva Dickerson, Darlene Hempen, Gleah Starr, Vivian Coeur
Rev. Mary Safford
portrayed by Darlene Hempen
June 2007
"Safford Now" "Safford Then"
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