Most of the restoration having been completed, Safford auditorium was re-dedicated on November 4, 2006. The new lights, much like the originals, and the new upholstered seats, as well as the window shades, helped brighten the auditorium. With the help of Martha Hatfield Wolf, a piano was given to the group for the auditorium in honor of the Higby family. The program included music by Marge Starr and Mark Hanson and accompanied by Julie Boyer. Speakers were Dr. Steven Breckon, past Superintendent of Schools, Rusty Dowdall, President of the School board, Steve Woodruff, Mayor of Hamilton, and Charles Miller who gave guidance and much of his time in leading our group.  An original poem recited by Homer Sherrill also helped make the event special. Refreshments were served by the Safford group to the many Hamilton alumni, business leaders, and interested supporters of this volunteer effort. It was truly a memorable event.

Flowers by Hilltop Floral
Carpeting from Heartland Carpets

Flying in for Dedication


Rusty Dowdall
President of School Board

Steve Woodruff
Mayor of Hamilton

Chuck Miller

Dr. Steven Breckon


The Safford Group

by Homer Sherrill


Just some interested citizens,
with the Safford Auditorium at heart,
all interested in  restoring it,
before we shall all depart.


We looked at the problem,
and met to talk it through,
we had many things to discuss,
and a big fund raiser to do.


Organization seemed not a problem,
as everyone did lend a hand,
gradually things came together,
with local talent and McNamara's Band.


Our group and the School board,
worked together when there wa a need,
to accomplish the end results,
this helped very well indeed.


The new seats, lights and paint,
you see coming in from the hall,
we hope these improvements,
meet with the approval of you all.


We are proud to have been a part,
of restoring this grand old place,
adding some modern refinements,
and giving it a brand new face."

Homer Sherrill

Mark Hanson and Marge Starr Alumni singing "God Bless America"
Refreshment table for Re-Dedication  
Dedication Booklet
Dan Asbury, Great River Printing
"Safford Then" "Safford Remaining Work"
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