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We are constantly bombarded with solicitations; it comes to us in our mailboxes, by our telephones and from knocks on the door. Some of this solicitation is the work of criminals tempting us with lures of winning money, prizes or trips.

Most of the criminals want you to believe they are legitimate-- most of them are not and only want your money. A good rule to live by when dealing with solicitations is "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is".

This is a true story and has happened here in Hamilton.....

Hamilton Police Department

A guy comes to the door and offers to trim the limbs on your trees. He tells you it will cost so much money. He goes out and cuts limbs, makes some noise and drags the limbs to the street. He comes back to the door and tells you it was a bigger job than he quoted and tells you the new price and asks to be paid now; he assures you he will be back with a bigger truck to haul off the limbs. You write a check, he leaves and cashes your check immediately.  He never returns.

Another true story....

A guy from California calls and tells you that you've won a grand prize, but you need to wire him money to pay the taxes and it needs to be done soon, before the opportunity to claim the grand prize passes. You wire the money; the guy calls back and acknowledges he received it, and then he discovers there are more expenses and asks you to wire more money. After you wire the money, the bad guy never calls back. You're embarrassed that you were taken in by the nice man (or woman) on the phone. We had a victim in Hamilton who lost over $5000 this way -- the money was never recovered and the bad guy was never arrested.

If you think you might be the victim of a scam, don't wait.  Call the police immediately. If you have been approached by what you think is a scam, call the police. Tell the person you are going to call the police first, and have them checked out. Legitimate businesses want you to check them out, they thrive on good referrals. Criminals hit and run!





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