Hamilton's Police Department


"While serving our community we will proudly maintain our Pride and our Professionalism by being Fair, being Firm and by being Consistent."  



Robb Bell




 Nick Jamerson Brendon Glenn Trent Woolson Brandon Genenbacher

Chief of Police






      Emergency 911 Police Patch Phone        (217) 847-3347
      Address 1010 Broadway
(217) 847-6450



The Hamilton Police Department has 4 full time officers and 4 squad cars. The department uses laptop computers deployed in the squad cars to do real time inquiries with the state about driver's license and criminal history information. Officers can complete a report in their squad while still remaining visible on the street using the laptops. The department has marked and unmarked squad cars.




Yearly Averages: Hamilton has a yearly average of about 80-90 vehicle crashes. We also average around 280 offense reports, and officers issue approximately 600 citations and written warnings. The department's animal control officer deals with approximately 60-70 dogs per year.

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Hamilton City Hall / Visitor Information Center

1010 Broadway Street Hamilton, Illinois 62341
Telephone: 217.847.2936 Fax: 217.847.2936


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