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Between 1905 and 1926, people came from miles around to attend the Chautauqua's, which were cultural events of lectures, recitals, and music. The ten day events were held at Wildcat Springs, and Gordon's Grove, which is now part of City Park.


Wildcat Springs, a spacious and sprawling tract of land, is located on the north side of Hamilton. It has been a popular recreation area since the 1880's and remains so today with camping, hiking, and picnicking facilities. Its name is derived from a legend that the last wildcat in the area was killed there. Today, a lucky visitor can still spot a bobcat and hear their shrill cries in the night. Chaney Creek, which flows through Wildcat Springs park, is a popular place to hunt for geodes. For more information, please visit the Wildcat website.


If your interests lead you toward the golf course, Hamilton is home to a real "diamond in the rough". Located in the rolling hills of Deer Run logothe north end of town is the Deer Run Golf Course. This 18 hole golf course is known locally and internationally with quest golfers from England, Japan and Australia. If you are a golfer, do not let Deer Run                                          Golf Course pass you by.


Finally, a hot day wouldn't be complete without a dip in the pool at the Hamilton Family Aquatic Center. This popular summer retreat is located just inside the entrance of Wildcat Springs, and is open daily from 1pm to 8pm. For more information, please visit the Aquatic Center's website.







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