The Gordon Family


The John Gordon family came to Hamilton from New Hampshire in 1832. Of the early names in the history of Hamilton, the Gordon family was the only family to have a presence in Hamilton through the years. Part of their 160 acres included Gordon's Grove, where many activities were held. Part of the property was sold to the City of Hamilton by Rev. Eleanor Gordon and became the Hamilton City Park. For the Hamilton Sesquicentennial, the Park Board renamed the City Park "Gordon's Grove". A historical marker was placed in the Grove to honor the Hamilton families: John Gordon, Samuel Gordon, John A. Gordon, and Donald R. Gordon. Also for the sesquicentennial there was a gazebo placed in memory of Donald R. Gordon by the Hamilton Kiwanis Club, the Hamilton Community Develpment Coalition, and his daughters Laveta Morris and Susannah Schrader and their families.


Throughout the years the 4 Gordon families were prominent citizens of Hamilton and were active in the development of the town. They were religious and civic leaders as well as business leaders. Donald R. Gordon was born in Hamilton in 1899 and lived to be 101 years old.





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